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Before determining which type of security system your business requires, you should ask yourself these questions. Keep in mind that if you cannot answer these questions on your own, our consultants at Wired Up Solutions are always here to help!

1. What do I want my system to do? Are you securing the just the entrances of your building? Are you looking to stop employee theft? Do you want to learn about the shopping behaviour of your customers? Each system we install is uniquely assembled for the type business associated with it. You must consider what it is you want to protect, and if your surveillance system is going to do more than just secure your investments.

2. Do I want to buy my equipment, or rent it? Many of our clients do not require a permanent system installation due to several reasons. You may be nearing the end of your lease, or housing temporary facilities (ex. Seasonal businesses or construction sites). You will still be able to monitor your system wirelessly from any location, only you won’t have the added stress by having to commit to the installation of a permanent security system.

3. Do I know what is required of me once my system is set up? Even large companies with their own in-house IT department may not understand the importance of this question. You must be aware of the role that you take in securing your investments. No matter how large your system may be, you must know the technology basics and educate yourself on how your system actually operates.

4. How much do I want to spend? Deciding on your budget is more complicated than just coming up with a figure. First, you must decide which type of system you need and which features are going to benefit you the most. You must also consider the size of the are you’re covering. You may need several cameras in order to cover all entrances and points of interest. We suggest that you have an idea in mind as to how much you want to spend, just be aware that this number may have to fluctuate in order to secure the area properly. At Wired Up Solutions, we also offer several cost-effective solutions.

5. Does my security company guarantee their work? Choosing a reliable security company is essential. At Wired Up Solutions, we guarantee all of our systems and installations. You must ensure that the company you choose has experience in the business and the proper certification to be installing these systems. Protect yourself first, and then your investments.

Asking yourself these five questions will ensure that you are ready and able to choose the proper security system for your home or business. By knowing what your system needs to do, how it works, what your overall budget should be, and if the work is guaranteed, you will get the best possible results and experience the invaluable feeling of peace of mind. At Wired Up Solutions, we will work with you every step of the way, to ensure these questions are answers and your security needs are met.

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