Protecting your Business with Video Surveillance

Is your current business as secure as it should be? What actually happens when you’re not around to supervise? At Wired Up Solutions, we’ve compiled a list of seven ways to protect your business with video surveillance.

Prevent Robberies and Catch Criminals

It’s a simple fact: businesses that choose to arm their entrances with video cameras are far less attractive to potential thieves. Unfortunately, even with video surveillance, your business may be broken into. The good news is that if you strategically place cameras at all entrances, you will be able catch thieves. In most cases, footage from business security cameras has helped police track down criminals and recover stolen property.

Monitoring Stock Rooms

Surveillance cameras are excellent for inside and outside of your stock rooms. Not only do they allow you to monitor access inside the the stock room, but it also increase employees’ safety when they need to make stock runs through isolated, otherwise unseen areas.

Increase Safety of Parking Areas

Video surveillance of parking areas will greatly decrease the likelihood of vandalism and vehicle break-ins. It will also increase personal safety for your customers as well as increase personal safety for your employees who need to exit the building to their cars.

Monitor Cash Handling and POS Transactions

Installing security cameras directly over any cash registers or POS areas will allow you to clearly see when business is being productive vs unproductive, as well as confirm or deny any concerns of money being skimmed from cash registers.

Keep an eye on Alleyways and Back Entrances

Many retail locations, businesses and restaurants have back doors that lead to parking areas, patios or alleys which can be a prime location for criminals to watch and gain access to safes and office areas. Installing a video monitoring system will allow you to record any forced entry attempts and report it to the police.

Monitor Employee Conduct

Placing surveillance cameras in common areas and near work spaces lets you see first hand what is happening when you are not around and can help to curb on-the clock socializing and increase your employee’s productivity.

Screen who enters your business

If your business handles expensive and desirable materials, you may want to invest in a video surveillance system placed at your main receiving entrance. This option is a convenient way for you to verify who is at the door and whether or not they may be a security threat to you or the business itself.

Video surveillance in the workplace will protect not only your employees, but your company as well. With it’s importance being undeniable feel free to contact us today for a free commercial security consultation.

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