How Much Video Surveillance Do I Need?

One of the most important questions our clients ask us is, “how much video surveillance do I need to secure my home or business?” Quite simply, the answer to that question can only be answered with a security consultation. We’ve compiled explanations to three of the most frequently asked questions from our clients to save you time and assist in making video surveillance easier to understand.

Our top 3 frequently asked questions are:

  1. How many cameras do I need?
  2. What kind of cameras should I get?
  3. Can I see live video feeds of my home or business on my tablet or smartphone?

How many Cameras Do I Need?

To answer this question, we need to consider camera placement. We strongly suggest mounting a camera at every exit or entrance point in your home or business. To ensure full protection, we also suggest placing a camera indoors, facing each exit as well. If you own a business, placing cameras on the ceiling that monitor floor operations is always a good idea. This not only increases your customer and employees protection, but it also helps increase your employee productivity.

If you are trying to protect your home, this rule still applies. You may choose to install video surveillance inside your home to monitor a baby’s room, rooms with valuables, or an office area that houses important information and expensive electronics. We offer solutions that are hidden and will not any disrupt room décor or be obvious to guests visiting your home.

What kind of camera should I get?

Doing a quick search online for types of security cameras will leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. The current market is flooded with options and upgrades. Most of these options would not be ideal for what you need. The best way to find out what will work for you, is by hiring a professional security systems company. For example, some cameras are meant to be used indoors or outdoors only. Some have special LED lights called “infrared emitters” that cast invisible light on an area so that when viewing your videos, you are able to see activity from areas that normally have little to no lighting available.

Surveillance systems come with several options and upgrades that can significantly enhance the picture quality and enhance the systems performance overall. For a detailed image, we suggest you choose a camera with HD resolution.

Can I see live video of my home or business on my smart phone?

This feature depends on your budget and what surveillance system you purchase. Some systems will allow you to view live video as well as see videos saved from the past directly from your smart phone. These are great for both at home, or for business purposes. Depending on the your needs, this option can definitely be accomplished.

Installing a surveillance system may seem like a simple, DIY task, however what most people do not understand is that those DIY systems are often severely limited in features and design. You will not get a clear HD video and you may not be able to see entrances to your home or business due to improper lighting and poor camera resolution. Understanding your security needs is the first step to properly securing your home or business. By enlisting help from the experts at Wired Up Solutions, you can rest assured that your video surveillance system will match your video surveillance needs.

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