Get more out of your Business Security System

Utilizing multiple security strategies, such as indoor and outdoor video surveillance will decrease your risk of theft for your business, but what else can your existing system do for you? We’ve outlined some of the top tips on how to get more out of your business security system

Staff Training

Fully training all your employees is the first step to ensuring security system success which can only be done with the right education. Learning the ins and outs of your system isn’t complicated, and a periodic refresher course can go a long way.

When it comes to your business security system, avoid any potential user errors by getting in touch with a security company to provide training for you and your employees on a regular basis.

Alarm Scheduling

One feature that is often underutilized in commercial security systems is the ability to schedule alarm monitoring. By utilizing schedule open/close signals which can be monitored by a monitoring center, you can have a designated person automatically receive a call if the system is not armed or disarmed by a certain time. This helps business owners have additional peace of mind by knowing that the system is armed or disarmed when it needs to be.

Increased Safety

Not only do video surveillance systems give business owners the freedom to leave their businesses for periods of time, but they also allow for viewing of real-time safety procedures in the workplace. They allow you to check in on attendance, and ensure the safety and security of both your staff and customers whether you’re on site or away. Using recoded examples can be useful for training purposes as well.

Prevent Flood Damage

In some cases, water detection sensors can be implemented, which are especially useful for commercial properties that utilize technology such as computers or server rooms. Flood detection systems allow you to remotely monitor for any water intrusions and address the issue quickly before it causes any damages.

Utilizing these tips will help you get the most out of your alarm system while protecting what’s most important. If you’re looking for the best security solution for your business, get in touch with our team for your Free Consultation today.

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