5 Essential Home Security Tips

Your home is your greatest financial investment and a place where your family should always feel safe. Many people, however, neglect some of the more simple steps to secure their home from potential break-ins. We’ve outlined some of the essential items that should be at the forefront of any home security.

1. Don’t Leave a Key Outside

Many people leave a key hidden outside for convenience purposes, such as for children, when you’ve forgotten your own key, or to let someone in while you’re away. Burglars will take a quick look around for easy entry if they send that the home may be unoccupied. It’s best to leave a key with a neighbour you trust if you’re going to need a spare key. With advancements in modern technology, a smart lock is a much safer investment.

2. Don’t post your location on Social Media

With the rise in social media, many people are sharing their location without realizing it, and these locations can be seen publicly across social media if your privacy settings aren’t up to date. Would-be thieves can easily see your Instagram or Facebook and know when you’re on vacation, giving them much easier access to your home.

3. Keep your landscaping in check

Hedges and bushes may help to provide privacy from prying eyes off the street and reduce street noise, but they can also provide a hiding place for potential thieves. Be sure to keep your landscaping well maintained, and consider installing a camera system to help monitor your property better and provide a deterrent.

4. Replace Glass Around the Front Door

Glass around your entryway may look appealing visually, but can easily be smashed allowing a thief to turn your door handle and enter the home. Consider a different aesthetic around your entryway, or secure the glass around your entryway using bars.

5. Use Timers to Keep Lights On

A home that remains dark for days on end is usually a sign that no one is home. Using a timer on a set schedule can help eliminate this problem by having lights turn on and off at scheduled times. With modern technology, many smart home systems can take care of lights and outlets for you.

If you’re unsure whether your home is up to standard from a security standpoint, get in touch with our team to schedule a security consultation and let out experts walk you through the various ways to secure your home and protect your family.

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